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I didn’t always want to be an escort, but once I realized that no profession I was interested in could pay my bills and make me rich, the lifestyle appealed to me. Being a glamour model and a single mum doesn’t exactly pay my bills and out food for my daughter to eat, which is what led me here. Working as a call girl in London mostly includes the ‘girlfriend experience,’ which is simply a facsimile of real romance, inclusive of gifts, dinners, and vacations on top of the original payments.

Working as a call girl in London has its challenges, especially because it is forbidden to sell sex on the streets of the capital. The property prices are also sky-high, which is not favorable, especially because I have to rent accommodations. There is a really high demand for milf London escorts, and being a single mum in the capital sometimes works to my advantage. Working from hotels as an escort in London is a double-edged sword, and one of my biggest fears, but living with my teen daughter doesn’t exactly permit me to bring clients home.

As a London escort, I have a sort of safety against rape from my clients, but there is also the risk of penalization and arrest. There are days when I have an easy day and make easy money, but there are other days when the trouble isn’t worth the money. I am constantly faced with the dilemma of choosing my safety or give in to angry and entitled clients, but my bills make that choice for me most of the time.

Like most mature sex workers in London, I have an online profile with which I tell my clients they do’s and don’ts beforehand to ensure there is no conception when they come. There are some clients who prefer anal play, others will want to pull back my hair or kiss my ears, which I am not comfortable with, so my online profile helps with this. Being a London escort is everything; it is cuddling therapy, fetish, fantasy, talking, and company all in one. I entertain both men and couples, but they must be of a certain age for me to book them with the agency.

Most of the people in London looking for escorts just want the girlfriend experience of kissing, cuddling, and sex, and although gifts are not always expected, I receive them gratefully. Working three days a week and with four clients a day allows me to spend time with my daughter and to do other things since I can’t be a call girl forever, right? My days in London without the frills of being an escort are actually quite fun. The London culture encourages a very fast style of socializing, which is how I live outside being a call girl. My glossy lifestyle as a London escort is not always bad, though; at the end of the day, I am just a worker getting paid a lump sum amount for fancy dinners and sometimes very exciting sex and company.

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