London by night

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London is considered to be the Las Vegas of Europe. Why is that? Well, because of its night life and the endless ways of entertaining yourself. You can attend the high class events like balls and have a drink at the Hospital Club in Covent Garden which is a very fancy place for private members only. The Hospital Club is located in the heart of London where you will find restaurants, a TV and music studio, a Gallery, basically is very well suited for members of the creative industries.

The night clubs in London are also a big attraction. You have where to choose from, either you like live Dj music or just disco music. Most of the clubs offers a terrace at the top of the building, where you can admire the amazing views over London. The clubs are located in city centre, East London, in North Greenwich, where you will find the biggest club in London, called Studio 33m, who host during the summer, great parties hosted by top DJs.

A simple walk, during the night, on the streets in central London can impress you. You have the Big Ben, then the Buckingham Palace, all close to each other. Then you can reach the famous Bond Street where you can find all the luxury shops if you are in mood for shopping.
Another impressing building is the tower Bridge, which lifts up from time to time and you can get there to watch it or you can watch how it lifts from your home with their live webcam. How fascinating is that?

London can also be seen from top if you are willing to take a London helicopter flight. This will be for sure impressive but also a bit expensive.
Most people enjoy London by night because they can attend to a musical in West Wend. People are booking from advance to get the best seats to the musical, that’s how successful it is in London.

For drinks and a good meal we recommend The Shard. You get to visit the tallest building in Europe and also have drinks and have a beautiful view of London during the night. The view is just breathtaking. No one was disappointed who put foot in The Shard. The atmosphere is a cozy one, due to the big number of lighted candles, so it’s the perfect place for a romantic dinner with your loved one. If you don’t want to go by yourself there, you can always choose to book on London escorts from top agencies in London.

If  you decide you want to discover London by night you will not be disappointed. More than that, London will remain stuck in your head and you will always want to go back to discover more and more about London.

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