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Modern Escorting: What Is the Girlfriend Experience?

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Modern Escorting: What Is the Girlfriend Experience?

As the number of men paying for escort services increases, so too does the variety and diversity of escort experiences on offer. In recent years, interest in so called ‘girlfriend experiences’ has soared with more guys now seeking social interactions with escorts as opposed to just sexual contact.

When searching for London escorts, you’ll notice many agencies offer the girlfriend experience. As it’s often the most expensive service, it’s important to know what the experience entails and what you’re getting for your money. While usually included in the service, full sex isn’t required for it. So, make sure the girlfriend experience you pick incorporates sex if it’s essential for you.

Getting To Know the Girlfriend Experience

If you arrange a girlfriend experience with an escort agency, expect much more than a standard hook up. This premium service is designed for guys who want their female companion to be more like a traditional romantic date. Each agency has its own definition of what this means, but it normally includes a ‘date night’ activity such as dinner or the cinema with lots of kissing, cuddling and non-sexual contact.

Non-sexual contact is key to the girlfriend experience. Sex with a high class escort can be incredible. Yet, it often lacks the intimacy clients crave. There is some conversation and the mood may be friendly, but gratification is the goal. The escort is not your lover. She’s only there to make you feel good and then she leaves. Kissing, snuggling and foreplay are a distraction.

The girlfriend experience is more romantic. Here, the escort is a conventional date who’s excited by and devoted to her companion. She laughs at his jokes, charms him over dinner, holds his hand and gives him all the affection he desires. Both kissing and cuddling are permitted and part of the reason girlfriend experiences are so popular. It’s much more than sex; you’re paying for an escort to treat you like you’re the best guy in the world.

Arranging a Girlfriend Experience In the City

There are high class escort agencies all over central London that offer the girlfriend experience. If you plan to arrange one, make sure you’re certain of the conditions before agreeing to the price. Specifically, if you want your ‘girlfriend’ to provide full sex, make it clear when you talk to her.

Be specific about the type of sex. For a price, girlfriend experiences may include ‘special’ services such as unprotected oral, slow sex with lots of intense foreplay, even anal in some cases. Every agency and escort is different, so be vocal about your desires. If sex is not desired – you want the escort to behave like your girlfriend in public – be clear about this.

You’re expected to pay for the date and keep your escort entertained. In exchange, she’ll lavish you with attention and turn heads everywhere take her. With a gorgeous woman on your arm, any party, corporate function or glitzy nightclub becomes a night to remember. If you don’t want your friends to know your date is an escort, no worries. All they’ll see is a beautiful woman who can’t get enough of you.

The Final Word On the Girlfriend Experience

If you want your escort to be passionate, charming and romantic, consider the girlfriend experience. While there’s nothing wrong with a standard escort hook up, it’s not always the right choice. Sometimes, the emotional connection is as valuable as the sexual one. Just remember not to fall in love; these girls are so devoted you’ll find yourself forgetting it’s a fantasy.